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Membership Application (#13)

By signing this form, I undertake to abide by the rules of the CAPE AGULHAS RACEWAY and to respect any decision made by the Club’s reining Committee.

I further acknowledge that neither the CAPE AGULHAS RACEWAY nor its Committee or Officials may in any way be held responsible for any loss of injury sustained by my team or I, by whatever means. Once Club Rules of the class that I am taking part in are confirmed, I understand this will be available on the website.

All CAPE AGULHAS RACEWAY applicants are required to sign this code of conduct.  To retain membership the applicant is required to adhere to this code. The objective of this code is ensure that CAR is a club where good harmony and respect amongst its members prevails. To protect the clubs good public image.

  1. All members, officials and management are held responsible for the behavior of their crew, family or team members.

  2. Mutual respect between competitors, their pit crew and family members and officials of the CAR is a must.

  3. CAR members must be punctual at meetings, scrutineering and race events.

  4. When attending as a spectator at any event, CAR members are required to act as ambassadors, and are to conduct themselves according to the guidelines of the code of conduct, failing to do so, a member will be held liable for His or Her actions.

  5. CAR members are to refrain from negative talk about his/her or any  club. Other associations and clubs are therefore to be treated with  respect at all times.

  6. The decision of the COC and Observers is final. Should the need of the enquiry process arise, correct procedures must be followed by drivers and an enquiry fee of R2000.00 is payable.

  7. The following guidelines will be used by the Disciplinary Committee.
    Offences: – Swearing at any other person including other drivers, pit crew, sponsors, Officials and members of public.
    – Verbal Abuse including threatening of another competitor.
    – Physical Altercations.
    – Abuse on social media including bad mouthing of any other competitor, member or the club.
    – Racism & Sexism.
    – Misconduct in pits including reckless driving and wheel spinning.
    – Any form of bringing the Clubs name into disrepute.

  8. Any member wishing to lodge a complaint regarding the breaching of this code by another member must do so in writing within 48 hours. The complaint must be emailed to the club secretary, detailing the full nature of the complaint.

  9. Penalties imposed pertaining to but not limited to above offences will be at the sole discretion of the Disciplinary Committee. Guidelines for penalties will be a fine ranging between R500 and R5000 which is payable within 5 working days. The Disciplinary Committee further has the right to suspend the membership or participation of any member from any form of motorsport. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee is final and not protest-able.

  10. Should a competitor fail to adhere to a monetary fine, suspension from all forms of motorsport will be implemented. All other clubs will be notified accordingly. By signing this code of conduct does not guarantee membership.

A signed Code Of Conduct is attached to this membership form. As a member I have read all documents and agree to abide by it.


Cape Agulhas Raceway Banking details:

CAR Bredarsdorp

Capitec Bank

Acc: 1051358191

Acc Type: Current Business

Reference : Name & Surname

Mail proof of payment to : secretary@carraceway.co.za and cc racing@car-bredasdorp.co.za


Driver Membership –  R200

This includes:

  • All Cape Agulhas Raceway (CAR) races count for Club points.
  • Eligible for the Club Championship.